SolaRoad kit

About the SolaRoad Kit
The SolaRoad Kit consists of four elements, which can be combined to a road section of 12 meters. The SolaRoad Kit delivers approximately 5,000 kWh per year (Dutch climate conditions), which is enough energy to power an average household for one year. SolaRoad is an innovative and sustainable energy solution for a business park, a courtyard, a square, a bike path or a footpath. The kit can provide energy for lighting, illuminating a shop window, heating, Wi-Fi access points or, a charging point for e-bikes or mobile phones.

Opening of SolaRoad Kit Bench/Stopcontact Groningen

Contribute to a sustainable future
SolaRoad Kit is suitable for anyone who wants to contribute to CO2 reduction, to reach the climate objectives and who considers it important to contribute to a sustainable future. The kit fits well with Smart City and Smart Charging targets.

You can download the flyer here: SolaRoadKit-flyer-ENG

Inspection report SolaRoad-kit (in Dutch): Report

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