About SolaRoad

What if our roads would harvest the energy from the sun, and convert it to electricity to power lighting, traffic systems, households and electric vehicles, transforming our road network into a huge source of renewable energy.  

SolaRoad develops solar pavements to build these roads. 

In 2010 a public-private consortium with TNO, province of Noord-Holland, Ooms Civiel (now part of Strukton) and Imtech Traffic&Infra (now Dynniq) started the joint development of technology to harvest solar energy from road pavements. Together they built the worlds first bike road with integrated solar panels in 2014, near Amsterdam. This 100 m test road was successful, and from 2017 follow-up pilot projects were built in Blauwestad (NL), Haaksbergen (NL), and two locations in France. SolaRoad was incorporated in 2018, to develop this technology into commercial, large-scale applicable products.

Tests on roads with heavy traffics were done in 2019 (Spijkenisse and Haarlemmermeer). Based on the results of these tests a new pilot with an improved version of SolaRoad was performed at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen in 2020.