Since 5 June 2012, the cookie legislation is in force. This law describes that visitors of websites should be well informed about the placing of cookies. SolaRoad uses cookies for the measurements of web statistics among the visitors. A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer and allows you to be recognized on our website during a follow-up visit. Companies are required to explain the purpose for which cookies are placed. The OPTA supervises compliance of the Cookie law.

No personal data

Cookies only contain one (unique) number. They do not contain personal data. Therefore, SolaRoad cannot use cookies to identify you personally. Also, cookies cannot be used to identify you on third party websites.

Google Analytics

During your visit, a cookie is placed to register your visit anonymously. With this, SolaRoad acquires statistics in order to analyse the use of the website. On the basis of these figures, changes are made to improve the user friendliness and for example give popular pages a more prominent place. The aim of this is to make your experience as a user as enjoyable as possible.


Do you object to the use of cookies? Through the settings of your browser (internet program), you can turn cookies off. Not accepting cookies will not affect the use of the website.